About Enterprise

State Specialized Enterprise “Central Enterprise for Management of Radioactive Waste” (SSE “CEMRW”) has been operating according to the Statute approved by the Order of the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management №39-19 “On Approval of Statutes”, March 4, 2019. It was established to perform works in the field of radioactive waste management (hereinafter – RAW). As an operating organization, it is engaged in activities related to site selection, design, construction, operation, closure of RAW disposal facilities, nuclear and radiation safety, physical protection of the RAW disposal facility at all stages of the life cycle in the following areas:

  • development of proposals for the formation of a unified technical policy in the field of RAW disposal in Ukraine, and its implementation after approval by the state administration body in the field of RAW management;
  • participation in the development of a State Program for RAW management;
  • fulfilment of an exclusive right to disposal all RAW;
  • ensuring responsibility for the safe operation, closure of RAW disposal facilities and their long-term safety;
  • providing the operation of the state RAW Register;
  • performance of appropriate scientific and technical works aimed at the development of new technologies for air conditioning, safe storage and disposal of RAW;
  • safe performance of RAW management works;
  • ensuring a profound and well-founded sites selection, design and construction of new facilities for RAW disposal, as well as for processing, air conditioning and storage of RAW (excluding waste produced by nuclear power plants).

Due to the Order of SUAEZM №151, November 6th, 2017, SSE CEMRW is designated as the operation organization at all stages of the life cycle of RAW disposal:

  • storage facilities for high-level and long-standing low and intermediate level waste in stable geological formations;
  • the RAW disposal site “Buriakivka”;
  • production complex for decontamination, transportation, reprocessing and disposal of RAW, such as the specially equipped near-surface storage for solid RAW, storage facilities TRV-1, TRV-2 and other facilities for the RAW management, as well as facilities where emergency RAW were allocated during liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident in 1986:
  • the RAW disposal site “Pidlisnyi”;
  • the RAW disposal site “ChNPP Third Stage”;
  • sites of temporary localization of RAW: “Yaniv Station”, “Naftobaza”, “Pishchane Plato”, “Rudy Lis”, “Stara Budbaza”, “Nova Budbaza””, “Pripiat”, “Kopachi”, “Chistogalivka”.